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The Best Way to Clean Jewelry

Our own “Ask Your Jeweler” segment on Tatum Hubbard’s Studio 7 airing on CBS7 shares insights on fashion trends, jewelry care and repair, diamond and gemstone knowledge and other useful tips about jewelry.

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What’s the best way to clean jewelry?

Tatum: It’s time now for a little segment we call Ask Your Jeweler. Martin Stringer, the owner of Diamonds in Midland is our expert. Martin, here’s today’s question. What’s the best way to clean jewelry, specifically if it’s diamonds set in gold?

Martin: Tatum, that’s easy, bring it into us at Diamonds, we’ll not only clean it for you free, we’ll check the settings. We use ultrasonic cleaners and steam, and a lot of know-how to restore the sparkle to your jewelry. For the customer, care should be taken first to make sure that the diamonds are not treated. Treated diamonds are those that have been enhanced by fracture filling, laser drilling or color treatment. These stones can be damaged by heat or temperature changes and don’t take rough handling well. For the money, they might look bigger and better than natural diamonds, but they have a lot of issues that we’ll discuss in a later segment. Yellow and rose gold hold up well to most cleaning processes. White gold should be kept away from chlorine, bromine and ammonia. These chemicals cause the metal to embrittle, and the damage that they cause can’t be reversed. Don’t use a silver dip type cleaner with thiourea on your gold jewelry. You could accidentally chemically plate your silver or gold jewelry with the opposite metal. If you do, bring it in and we can restore it. Believe it or not, the best home remedy cleaner is a little bit of water, some Mr. Clean and a soft scrub with a toothbrush.

Tatum: Martin, thanks so much. If you have a question about jewelry you can email us at Studio 7 at CBS7

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