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What makes platinum so special?

Tatum: Well this week we’re starting a new segment called “Ask Your Jeweler” where we got to answer the questions that you have about anything related to jewelry. This week our question comes from Carla in Alpine. She said, “Platinum seems to be all the rage, what makes it so special?”

Martin: The purity of platinum is the thing brings it out over the other metals. Typically, platinum is alloyed where it is 90% platinum and 10% other metals. Normally, it is alloyed in with another platinum family metal. Nowadays standard is 95%, so the purity is a lot higher than the other metals. It is 35 times more rare than gold. Its durability is very impressive. It’s one on the Mohs’ scale softer than 14 karat gold, and yet because of its molecular adhesion the metal doesn’t separate well, so it has a real high wear resistance. And, because of that it gives you a unique platinum sheen, if you will, it kind of patinates. Platinum is white, it’s naturally white, whereas gold is yellow and it has to be plated with another metal to bring up to the bright whiteness that platinum naturally has.

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