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Our own “Ask Your Jeweler” segment on Tatum Hubbard’s Studio 7 airing on CBS7 shares insights on fashion trends, jewelry care and repair, diamond and gemstone knowledge and other useful tips about jewelry.

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I took my Amethyst pendant to a jeweler to have it cleaned and it doesn’t look as dark purple as it used to be. So, has something happened to it?

In the cleaning process, the jeweler probably heated your stone, most likely with steam. Amethysts will lose their color and turn a clearish white when subjected to heat. There’s nothing that can be done to restore the color. Lots of gemstones are sensitive to the processes involved in jewelry manufacture and repair and have unique characteristics that a knowledgeable jeweler should discuss with you when you purchase them.

Some stones are relatively soft and can be scratched or broken easily such as Emeralds, Tanzanites, and Opals. Others are heat or light sensitive such as Amethyst and again Tanzanite. Some gemstones are treated with either a deposition coating or by irradiation. Both of these treatments can be damaged easily and care should be taken in handling them.

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